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One for All, All for One

Since the establishment of Samsung Heavy Industries Rugby Club in 1995, it has won in National Athlete Meet 10 times consecutively, and also won the Best Team Award at Baksang Athlete Meet in 1999.

In 2002, 10 representative players have advanced to Busan Asian Games, setting a record of winning a gold medal in 7 players and 15 players games. Furthermore, since 1997 it has been running Youth Rugby School and have produced about 100 players, contributing to the development of Rugby. Rugby is a kind of sports that requires Patience, Collaboration, and Sacrifice since every player has to work as a team. With the understanding that ‘If I don’t compromise, someone else will have to suffer from the consequences’ in the players’ mind, they learn true friendship and respecting others through this sport.

In rugby, games matter the most. Regardless of the worst and the best game conditions, our players focus on fairness, enduring spirit, creative movements, and mental determination during a game and put emphasis on the fact that winning or losing is just a result.

One for all, all for one, we promise to do our best.